Doku / ???? / behind scenes from LuYang on Vimeo.

Alone we are born,
and alone we come into the world, When we die, alone we pass away.

For no one shares our fate, and none our suffering.

So what are they to me,
such friends and all their hindrances?.

?The Larger Sutra on Amita?yus

Artist Lu Yang reincarnated as Doku into a digital parallel universe. Without the constraints of time and space, being free from the shackles of physical needs and identity, Doku is born to explore the secret of human mind and the intention of the universe.

Lu Yang Digital Incarnation opens up a new way of collaborative expression for creative talents from all fields including artists, musicians, dancers, poets, sci-fi writers, scientists and philosophers, to collectively construct a world of infinite possibilities.

Dokusho Dokushi is the creator and the creators own creation. It is built to unleash the full creative potential of virtual technology and blur the traditional boundaries between art, entertainment and business.

High-Fidelity 3D Face Scanning

Artist Lu Yangs 50 facial expressions were captured and reconstructed generate photorealistic blend shape models that are nearly identical to Lus actual facial performance.

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Name: Dokusho Dokushi Sex: Both and Neither

Place of Birth: Jambudvi?pa Occupation: Creator

Mission: Love & Peace

Dokus existence represents a non-dualistic worldview. No flesh and blood. No physical boundary. Doku comes from the collective consciousness of humanity with memories of the past and the future of this planet. Without a singular identity, Dokus creativity transcend language and cultural boundaries, speaking to people from all walks of life.

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