Realtime Motion capture performance @ Garage museum of contemporary art

The multimedia performance Gigant DOKU – LuYang the Destroyer by Lu Yang (he/him), which will be presented online and offline as part of the Garage Digital program, is an exploration of the possibilities and limitations of the “digital body,” produced in collaboration with Russian dancers and electronic musicians.

Chinese multimedia artist Lu Yang creates fantastical, often painful, and shocking images enveloped in pop-culture aesthetics. His works represent death, (a)sexuality, and mental illness, as well as neural structures of natural and religious origin. Inspired by anime, videogame, and sci-fi subcultures, he makes 3D animations and installations that feature arcade machines, holograms, and neon objects, and collaborates with acclaimed performers, designers, experimental composers, robot producers, and pop stars.

Lu Yang’s works complement and synthesize each other, with new projects re-assembling his earlier studies in various multimedia formats. The performance at Garage is an example of his method and builds on his recent research into the digitization of the human body and mind, the technological representation of human individuality, and the regimes of presence at a distance. Exploring these themes, Lu Yang turns to motion and facial motion capture technology, builds his own virtual worlds, and creates his digital avatar, DOKU.

For his Moscow performance Lu Yang, in collaboration with MetaObjects, has created a special world in which Russian dancers will improvise as DOKU to DJ sets by Moa Pillar.

During the two 30-minute performances, various dancing styles processed used mockup technology will create different versions of the artist’s world. The performances will take place at Garage Screen summer cinema and will be broadcast on the Garage YouTube channel.

Garage Digital Patron: Aksenov Family Foundation