Wrathful King Kong Core _ by Lu Yang ( music by Yao Dajuin ) from LuYang on Vimeo.

In Dharma-ending times, when all living things are unruly, afflicted with hubris, kindness and morality fade, evil and sin prevail, and none comprehend their true nature. The wrathful deities, beholden to their duty, shall vanquish all demons, and with their merciful fire, destroy all evil beings, leaving none behind.Though their wrathful visages may terrify, they are an expression of the Buddha’s infinite mercy.

When the dead look upon them, they need not fear, for they are not corporeal, and no harm can befall them.When the first signs of anger reach the human brain, the information is first transmitted to the hypothalamus.This activates the amygdalae to carry out certain processes, which in turn set off a chain reaction by activating a number of other structures in the brain.These structures are responsible for transforming nerve signals into visible expressions of anger.

This project is a foolhardy attempt to superimpose religious concepts of wrathful deities onto scientific theories of the brain’s anger response mechanisms.