Born and based in Shanghai, Lu Yang graduated from the China Academy of Art in 2010. LuYang has become a rare practitioner whose work is equally at home in a film festival screening and visual art exhibition. Using a variety of media: video, installation, animation, and digital painting, game, the artist unflinchingly explores existential issues about the nature of life and where it resides. Armed with a overlaying mix of strategies taken from Science, Religion, Psychology, Neuroscience, Medicine, Games, Pop Culture and Music, among others, Lu Yang overrides the often delusional belief that humans control are privileged within this universe. Instead, she highlights the biological and material determinants of our condition reminding us of our transient and fragile existence, but with an edge of dark humor that leaves no room for sentimentality. LuYang’s works have been featured in important solo and group exhibitions at the UCCA (Beijing), Centre Pompidou (Paris), 56th Venice Biennale 2015 China Pavillion, Shanghai Biennale 2012, Musée d’art contemporain of Lyon, Momentum (Berlin), Tampa Museum of Art,The 5th Fukuoka Asian Art Triennale, etc. Lu Yang currently splits her time between Beijing and Shanghai.


Using various medium, such as animation, installation, jewelry, and 3D printing technology, Lu Yang has metamorphosed cancer cells into animated characters in dazzling COLORS. The beguiling beauty of the character, typical of Lu Yang’s artistic approach, reveals much of irony and cruelty of the realistic world that must be negotiated. • LuYang has been working intensely with rigorous and advanced “biological” studies. From her early work, “The anatomy of rage,” to the recent work “Uterusman,” LuYang has painstakingly created much “extreme values” and has used the persuasive visual language to put forth her artistic view. Based on her research into PERSONAL identity, psychological, physical, material and media based sources in biology, neuroscience, and Buddhism, her work represents a new generation of artistic approach that embraces all facets of the modern life, science and technology. Through LuYang’s work, sometimes lovely and sometimes elegant visual image provokes unsettling message that stems from the scientific and rational search, yet propels one into surreal and fantastic realm. The theoretical abuse era, Lu Yang’s works are constantly bring us vitality.The topic of her research is finally point to life noumenon and becomes more diversified.