???????????????Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet! from LuYang on Vimeo.

My project Revived Zombie Frogs Underwater Ballet, originally started from 2009 has been consummated as a video work. This work takes a form of MTV showing dead frogs dance controlled by Midi controller and Midi signal. For the avoidance of cruelty to animals, dead frog bodies originally used in a medical dissection experiment were re-used for this work.

Because of my strong affinity with CONTROL, the control of people and animals, I have been creating my works by using technology and various media. Such a control totally relies on the cerebration of human and they cannot escape from the physiological reality. Yet they use their bodies to create devices so they can break away from these limitations while they are being controlled by their physical form or illness.

I have strongly desired to substantiate a cross-cutting collaboration work. Art itself is a small discipline and I am hoping to learn more by combining it with other disciplines.

Finally I would like to express my sincere appreciation for Fukuoka Asian Art Museum and all technical specialists and their staff members who cooperated with my art-making.

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????????????????????Reanimation!Underwater Zombie frog ballet! from LuYang on Vimeo.