‘Physical Singularity’ by Ren Hang & Lu Yang

During my Shanghai days, I got to know the young female Chinese artist Lu Yang (in part I dislike the fact I just introduced her like that with such specific cultural context, it somewhat goes against my research)I should define more by practice than place saying the young, emerging digital artist Lu Yang. Room for discussion here. Anyway, shes always shown such strength in the development of her video and image-based digital artistic practice with a distinct technological edge of the body-medical, explanatory-pictorial, scientific-digital and philosophical-spiritual. Ive written about her work many times before on here.

Recently, shes been getting a lot of attentionincluding being photographed by Mario Testino for Vogue China(shes on the far left) and selectedfor the current show Global Photo Collaborations by Vice Japan at the Diesel Art Gallery inShibuya, Tokyo, where shecollaborated with photographerRen Hang, displayedalongside 27 other artists. The series of works Physical Singularity I feel really exemplifies her current practice, also building on her recently released abstract, fine art-graphic novel-animated film UterusMan, all of which areshown below.

She is one of only a few artists I know that are embracing digital technologies using them as a tool with no fear. Collaboration is key to her practice, whether it be with illustrators, Manga artists, musicians or scientistsand exploration of her subject matter vital in building a knowing, an inner sense that feeds instinctively into her practice. For the last two years, I think Ive said shes one artist to definitely watchwell, lets keep on watchingno stopping her in 2014.

Lu Yang Vogue China

Lu Yang 1

Lu Yang 2

Lu Yang 3